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Housing: book a room / get a residence certificate

To allow you to request a visa, you need to produce a “residence certificate” to show during your visa application. That’s why you need to book a room in France beforehand .

University Jean Monnet offers a variety of housing options, at both public and private student residences. You can of course decide to rent a flat by your own to a private landlord, before or upon arrival. Note that in this case you’ll have to deal with the administrative process alone and we won’t be able to support you in concluding a contract nor dealing with potential issues arising from this contract.

Options are (rent mentioned applied for the 2014/2015 academic year and is indicative only, they might be slightly revised in July 2015):

Residence “des arts – Maison internationale”Residence “Carr’Etudes”Residence “Le Littre”Residence “La Cotonne”
In a nutshellBest service, best location, the most expensiveThe best value for money, convenient locationGood alternative optionThe cheapest option but not very convenient location
Location15’ by tramay from CIMET / COSI teaching venue10’ by trammay from CILEC / International Office20’ by foot and tramway from CIMET / COSI teaching venue15’ by tramway from CILEC / International Office15’ by tramway from CIMET / COSI teaching venue5’ walk away from the CILEC / International Office30’ by foot/tramway from CIMET / COSI teaching venue15’ walk away from the CILEC / International Office
Roomfrom 19 m2Bed, desk, kitchen, private bathroom, wifi access, tvAdditional renting options: bed line, housekeeping pictures19 m2Bed, desk, table, free wifi, 2  chairs, fridge , high and low cupboard, Kitchenette with sink and 2 hotplates, bathroom with tub and toilet, electric heating, no bed linen,shared kitchen, badge accessadditional renting options: Fridge 50 € / year pictures19 m2bed, desk, table, 2  chairs, fridge, high and low cupboard, kitchenette with sink and 2 hotplates, bathroom with tub and toilet, badge accessadditional renting options: Bed linen, kitchenware, microwave, TV, laundery pictures9 m2bed, desk, fridge, microwave oven, water (toilets-shower). Kitchen shared with others on each floor, electric Heating installationadditional renting options: Bed linen ( 10 € / month), WIFI (8,50 € euros / month) pictures
PriceMonthly expenses€ 520 / month + € 8,50 / month internet access (including hot water and heating)housing allowance (to be deducted from the rent) )  = € 180 / monthIndicative monthly net rent = € 348Yearly expensesdeposit (refundable) = 259 upon arrivalhome insurance = € 60 / yearno guarantor neededMonthly expenses€ 310 / month (monthly payment by cash or credit card + € 15 / month (water / electricity)housing allowance (to be deducted from the rent)  = € 180 / monthIndicative monthly net rent = € 145 / monthYearly expenses:deposit (refundable) = 310 upon arrivalregistration fees (not refunded) = € 200home insurance = € 60 / yearhousing-tax = around 300 €  yearno guarantor neededMonthly expenses€ 330 / month (monthly payment by cash, credit card or bank transfer) + around € 40 / month (electricity)housing allowance (to be deducted from the rent)  = € 180 / month Indicative monthly net rent = € 195 / month Yearly expenses:deposit (refundable) = 330 / upon arrival registration fees (not refunded) = € 200 home insurance = € 60 / year housing-tax = around 330 / year no guarantor neededMonthly expenses€ 252 / month (payment for the full duration of the stay if no guarantor by cash or credit card) + € 15 / month (water / electricity)housing allowance (to be deducted from the rent)  =  ?? € / month Yearly expenses:deposit (refundable) = € 230 upon arrival registration fees (not refunded) € 10 home insurance = 60 / year guarantor (EU citizen) required OR full payment upon arrival
DeskOpening hourswelcome desk on Monday to Fridayfrom 11.00 am to 07.00 pmwelcome desk open on Mondays afternoonsappointment needed for arrivalsdesk closed on week-endswelcome desk open on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays fromfrom 09:00 am to 03:30 pmdesk closed on week-endswelcome desk open every dayfrom 7:00 am to 12:00 am and 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Contact11 rue Gambetta 42000 SAINT ETIENNE
33 allée Chantegrillet 42100 SAINT-ETIENNE
32 Rue Emile Littré 42100 SAINT-ETIENNE
17 Bd Raoul-Duval 42100 SAINT-ETIENNE

N.B.1. COSI / EMJMD scholarship holders will be housed in Residence des arts – Maison internationale for administrative convenience unless they expressly indicate otherwise.

N.B.2. As an international student enrolled in a Higher Education Institution in France, you are eligible to the student housing allowance called “APL”, generally around 160€ for a studio and 100€ for a room (actual amount depends on each particular situation). Therefore exact monthly rent to be paid, once the housing allowance is deducted, cannot not be planned precisely.
The APL is calculated from the date of deposit of your application at the CAF (“Caisse Allocations Familiales”) and paid monthly on your French bank account.
A translated and certified copy of your birth certificate (in French) will be required to deposit your student housing benefit application. Do not forget to prepare this document before arrival.

N.B.3 Considering expenses to be made upon arrival (deposit, registration fees, home insurance, installation costs, …) it is advised to students to plan at least 800 € of housing expenses the first week of arrival.

N.B.4 The home insurance can be contracted from our banking partner upon arrival in France.

= > Please choose a residence and inform your choice on your letter of commitment. A room will be booked for you to allow you to settle down when you get in Saint Etienne. We’ll try to meet all requests but the general rule is “first booked, first served”.

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